Rob Engelsman

Currently a community manager at Huge in Brooklyn, NY. Teller of stories in my free time. rcengelsman(at)gmail(dot)com

Rob Engelsman

Former baby model. Community Manager at Huge. Often bearded.

The Ten Three

Back in 2011, I asked some friends to help me find out if a picture was truly worth a thousand words. The result was The Ten Three, a site with essays of one thousand words and accompanying photography. It was different, exciting (for me at least), and unique, using three different takes on a phrase we all know to talk about life, love and even basketball. Some essays were fiction, others personal truths. They were all, in my mind, fantastic.

The Ten Three ended a few months into 2012. The burden of managing the site got to be too much, and I was unable to keep enthusiasm amongst most contributers high. But the site has remained live and accessible ever since because I’ve always been proud of what my friends and colleagues contributed. Their work was mostly evergreen, and remains as strong today as it did a few years ago.

Today, I’m looking for people that want to contribute to bringing it back. The Ten Three isn’t a teen-angsty blog, or a listicle on steroids. The unique constraints make it different, and also make it digestible. Three types of essays: The Open, a personal essay of one thousand words accompanied by a personal photo. The Turn, where a writer is given a photo they’ve never seen and are tasked with writing one thousand words. And The Flip, where a writer’s thousand word essay is given to a photographer who then must represent it in just one photo. That’s it. There’s The Ten Three. Any future content - multimedia essays, sales of the photography featured - would be secondary to the stories encased in one image and one thousand words.

I’ve been thinking about rebooting The Ten Three for the better part of the summer. There are obviously a variety of ways to go about a project like this, but the first step is gauging interest. This isn’t just about writers or photographers, either. I’m looking for designers & developers who may have ideas on making the site better or changing the logo, editors to help find typos before essays go live, web folks who can give me tips on hosting and the like. All ideas are on the table.

If any of this sounds appealing, or you have some thoughts, comments or anything else to contribute, you can find me easily at @rcengelsman or email (

The Ten Three started when a kid newly out of college wanted to find a way to showcase the work of his talented friends. Now we’ve all grown up a little, and I think it’d be amazing to show the world what we’ve learned.

Leo’s Bathroom

6/2/14 5:30 AM & 7/6/14 12:45 PM

6/12/14 8 PM

6/7/14 8:30 AM